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A l b o r e á

Luz de Alba / Light of Dawn

      The Alboreá dance company combines the essential qualities of Flamenco dance with modern rhythms, passion and innovation to produce a contemporary form of Flamenco dance.   For more than 20 years, Ernesto Caballero and Jenny Rios have developed and perfected an art- form of Flamenco dance that blends the richness of many cultures into one.

      As Dance educators, performers, choreographers and event coordinators, Ernesto and Jenny have performed at international festivals and important events, worldwide.  They have toured and performed throughout Europe, South America and the United States, fate brought them to Florida.  In Florida they continue to delight audiences on the stages of resorts such as Universal Studios, Sea World, Walt Disney World, as well as other resorts, hotels and conventions, and significant private events.

      Ernesto and Jenny’s performances have also been recognized and highlighted in numerous media events, including:

· The Travel Channel’s, “Great Hotel Series”

· Orange County television series, “Central Florida’s World of    Dance”

· Telemundo’s, “Mi Ciudad”

· Orlando Symphony Orchestra’s, “Sounds of Summer Series”

· Orlando Magazine (November, 2017), “The Performers”  

For more than two decades, Alboreá has captivated audiences of all ages with the appeal of their original art and their firmly established reputation as an exciting, passionate, colorful and dynamic dance company.  Their authentic and charismatic approach to performing has won them many students and followers.

Flamenco Dancers Instructors
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